About us

Glacier Plus provide a high quality product suitable for on farm use.

With a Glacier Plus Glycol Chiller you are able to cool milk to collection temperature within 3 minutes of milk leaving the cow. The Glacier Plus unit continually chills glycol during milking to 1°C and stores it in a 500 litre tank. This glycol then gets circulated through the second stage of your plate cooler snap chilling your milk so it enters the vat between 4 – 6°C. A Glacier Plus Glycol unit only runs during milking.

The Glacier Plus water chills 1x 25,000 litre Manicon tanks of water to 6°C outside of milking time. It then circulates the water during milking through the second stage of your plate cooler reducing milk temperature to 8-10°C before entering the milk vat. This unit is smaller than a glycol unit but needs run over a longer period of time each day.